Great Social Media Idea: School Name Collage

Less talk, more rock. Let's get right to it. 

I have featured Marquette many times on this blog, but when they are cranking out such great stuff, it's hard not to.  Check out this great collage they posted on Instagram:

Hooray spelling! 

Hooray spelling! 

Super cool, right? And so, so, so easy. Just go to the bookstore, take some pics of letters, and voila! Best of all, Marquette didn't even make this originally... someone else (a student, I think) posted it on Instagram and used the Marquette hashtag, and then Marquette happily re-posted it to its own followers. Ah, crowd-sourced social media awesomeness!

Like I do with most of the ideas I feature on this site, I completely ripped off the idea and made one of my own. I used the app Pic Stitch to make the collage (though I'm sure there are other options), and because "Portland" only has eight letters instead of nine, I filled one of the boxes with the athletics logo. If your school name doesn't fit into a three-by-three grid, you can always get creative with the layout (filling some of the spots with campus photos or logos or whatever) or try to use a different layout - Pic Stitch has a huge variety of grid options.

If you're looking for something to post and want to get a ton of engagement, you could do a lot worse than mimicking thi great idea. Heck, there's a good chance that within an hour of you posting it people will be asking you to make an actual poster out of it!


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