Veterans Day

No blog post today... both in deference to Veterans Day and because multiple 14 hour work days last week plum wiped me out for this weekend. 

But I will say this... if you are going to post something about Veterans Day today for the social media pages you manage, do remember to keep it tasteful and respectful. I've already seen one or two "Click 'like' to say thanks to our veterans!" posts and others of a similar ilk. I know (or, at least, I chose to believe) that they are meant well and not done as a crass grab at getting some easy engagement, but let's all agree to not do anything that could possibly end up getting a public shaming from the geniuses who run the Condescending Corporate Brand page.

I leave you with a photo of my Uncle Bill, from his time serving in Vietnam. Semper Fi! 


Uncle Bil.jpg

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