The Week in Links

Whew! Barely staggered over the finish line this week. Apologies for my sporadic posting schedule this week... blogging ain't easy.

As always, many thanks to everyone who stopped by the blog this week! (How many sentences can I end with "this week" this week? I don't know, but I want to find out this week!!!) 

Now, onto the links... this week:

• OMG, OMG, OMG... stop everything and read this post from Ma'ayan Plaut on the Oberlin web team blog, and gape in amazement at the incredible gif she created to help promote a t-shirt design contest. It puts my shitty post about gifs from earlier this week to absolute shame. So freaking awesome.

• I enjoyed this thoughtful article from Meg Bernier on the CASE blog about her decision to have all her personal social media sites public. This is something I have grappled with a lot, and am still not fully sure about. I feel like I *should* be more public, but there's something that's holding me back that I can't adequately articulate. Good stuff to consider.

• Speaking of the CASE blog, here's the latest Twitter recap - this time about creating internal social media guidelines - that once again I didn't participate in, because I'm in Dante's sixth circle of lameness.

• If you don't already subscribe to the "Social Media in Higher Ed" Flipboard by Jonathan Gabriel, Emily Brennan and Rachel Esterline Perkins, you should go do it right now. Because it's really great.

• My most popular post this week: Colorado State's great video about where tuition money goes and the ROI of a college education.

• A great list of 11 great social media tips from higher ed professionals on College Web Editor by Karine Joly. All the people saying something to the effect of "you can't do everything and it's impossible to keep up with the pace sometimes" makes me feel maybe 0.5% better about my horribleness with Twitter.

• Want to win some brownie points with your boss? Nominate her/him for the "International Brand Master Award" sponsored by Educational Marketing Group! 

• Really enjoyed this post from Chris Syme on her blog that highlights how storytelling is key to social media success. She does really great work, and her blog is much better than mine, so go read it!

And that's a wrap! In honor of my old college roommate Sam's dissertation officially being accepted, clearing the final hurdle to earning his PhD and getting a job at the University of Tennesse-Martin, I post these four minutes of genius from Arrested Development. A game of HORSESHOES!!!

Great Social Media Idea: Acceptance Letter Hashtag

Great Social Media Idea: Where Does Tuition Money Go?