Great Social Media Idea: Instagram Tips

It's the day before Thanksgiving and a bunch of college friends are in town... you better believe I'm going to dog it on this post!

Instead of forcing you to read something that I wrote, I'm going to send you to a different website to read something that - if we're going to have a moment of honesty with each other - benefits from the fact that it was not written by me: 10 Instagram Content Tips for Colleges, by Thibault Davoult (how can anyone possibly have a name that cool?) of Nitrogram.

Here's a short excerpt, that anyone who runs an Instagram page can relate to:

Being active is the first step to attracting new Instagram followers. Many top colleges have understood the importance of sharing often and aim for at least a post per day. But when posting at a sustained rhythm, you may end up in a creative rut. A very effective remedy is to invite your students to participate in your Instagram sharing. They’ll be grateful for the opportunity, and will happily take part.

Go check it out - now!

If for some strange reason you really want to read my writings on Instagram (monkeys, typewriters, etc.), here is every post I've ever tagged with Instagram. Or, if you aren't yet on Instagram for your college and are wondering if you should bite the bullet and sign up - YOU SHOULD! - here is a handy guide (written by yours truly, alas): Launch an Instagram Page in 13 Easy Steps.

In keeping with the holiday spirit, I would be remiss if I didn't say a quick THANK YOU to everyone who has stopped by this blog, sent in kind notes, and submitted some great suggestions and recommendations. I've been truly blown away by the support and words of encouragement I have received from so many of you, and I genuinely am so very grateful.

I may or may not post anything between now and Monday - probably not, but you never know when inspiration will strike - but it's possible that the site may look a bit different when you come back. I'm thinking about tweaking the layout, and also possibly changing my Twitter handle and a few other things. That all remains to be seen, but I figure if I write it here that may actually force me to actually do it, instead of just thinking about doing it like I have for the past several weeks. Never underestimate my laziness.

Thanks again for stopping by the blog, and HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!

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