The Week in Links

Welcome to another round-up of some of my favorite links from the past few weeks. As always, a huge thank you to everyone who has stopped by this blog. Also - I wish I didn't suck so much that I have to write this again, but alas... my suckitude is there for all to see - apologies if I haven't yet responded to an email or a Tweet. I'm still new at this blogging thing and haven't quite figured out yet the right way to balance work, writing, life, and correspondence. I'll get the hang of it some day soon, hopefully!

• A future blog post for sure, once I stop being so darn lazy... Meg Bernier writes about St. Lawrence University's student-run Instagram account! I absolutely love it! !!

• I enjoyed reading this post by Karine Joly on College Web Editor where 11 higher ed social media folks share some of their favorite moments in #hesm. Good stuff!

• My most popular post this week: 25 More Great Social Media Ideas for Higher Ed. It's a compilation of all my posts over the past two months or so... lots of really great ideas in there. People working in higher ed social media kick ass!

• Robert Bochnak of Social Media Matters killing it once again with a great post about social RIO.  I am very, very intimidated by his spreadsheets.

• Lots of great examples of cool ideas in this listing of "7 Digital & Social Trends for Higher Education Marketing" list on Future Index. Be sure to check out the "Student Street View" from Waginingen University. Unbelievable!

• It's the month of Thanksgiving, and this "Higher Ed Thanks" site (and here on Twitter) that encourages those of us working in higher ed to sit back and reflect on the things we're thankful for is really great. If I can ever figure out how to not suck at Twitter, maybe I'll even take part!  :)

• Results for the 2013 CASE/Huron Education/mStoner social media survey were released recently... definitely worth a few minutes of your time to check it out. Lots of interesting stuff in there, but I'm shocked that so few colleges (27%) are on Instagram. I've said it more than a few times on here, but I'm pretty much convinced there's no better way to engage students on social media than with Instagram.

• Anna Washenko of Sprout Social takes a close look at Drake University and Loyola University Chicago's social media efforts

OK friends, that's it for this week. Have a great weekend, and I leave you with some brilliance from the Sundays... you know, the band that was The Cranberries before The Cranberries were the Cranberries!

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