Aca-Awesomeness Part II

I've only seen Pitch Perfect once, but apparently it's turned me into an a cappella fiend because this is the second a capella-related post I've written in less than two months. 

But this example from Cal is just as aca-awesome as the one from Bates, so write about it I must:

This hits all the right notes (ha!) - it's a really timely "end of the year" post, it's a cappella (so hot right now!), and it's pure fun.

I took this screen shot an hour or two ago... it's engagement numbers have already doubled, and I'm sure it's bound to get a ton more over the course of the evening. Obviously, the video itself is top notch - it's the type of thing that could easily get picked up by a big blog like Gawker or make it to the front page of Reddit - but I also think the tone of the post is absolutely pitch perfect (ha!).

It may be finals week, but the truth of the matter is that students are looking for any excuse not to be studying. It's a fun take for one of the top academic schools in the country, and it's really hits the right note for current students, who are a difficult target to hit, especially on Facebook.

Great content like this always - always - wins the day on social media, and it's particularly cool to see the page pick up on something that was generated by the Cal community (I believe these singers are alumni, in fact, which is even more amazing than current students!) but not orchestrated by the social media managers themselves. At least, it doesn't seem like it was... my apologies to the Cal team if they did indeed make this happen.

Listening and paying attention to what's out there is a big part of what we do, and being the vehicle to share great content - but not having to always be responsible for creating it - is a good place to be.

So major props to Cal and the Cal a capella alumni who made this video happen. Fingers crossed for you all that this pops big and goes viral!

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