Read This, Not Me: 25 Best Practices from Digital Hoops Blast

No post from me today... too much Christmas this time of year. There are only so many parties one little guy like me can take. But you should all actually be thrilled that I'm not writing anything because 1) it's never very good any way and 2) I'm going to send you somewhere that's much, much, much better than here: Andy Pawlowski's Digital Hoops Blast, which covers digital and social media best practices in college athletics.

In a lot of ways, I feel like someone who took a watercolor painting class at my local community college, started up a blog about it, got too tired to post my latest water color study of the fruit bowl one day, and decided to post "Hey, you should really check out this Picasso guy!"

Andy works at the only company from Portland that you've probably heard of (Nike), and I've been lucky enough to be part of a team of people from UP to meet with him several times over the past year to talk digital and come up with ideas to elevate the social media presence for our athletic department. He's awesome, and really, really, really knows his stuff.

On his blog, he recently finished a countdown of 25 Digital Best Practices from 2012-13, and you could - and should - spend a lot of time going over them, learning, and being inspired. Best of all, he includes "Why I Love This?" and "What Could Make It Better?" sections for every example, which really encourages you to think about constantly raising your game... make great social media ideas amazing, and make amazing ones super amazing, and so on. 

You'll have to click over there to check it all out, but here's a sneak peak at one of the best practices he highlights, from Wichita State University:

Have a great weekend everyone!!!

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