Great Social Media Idea: #keepitonline from Ole Miss

Please. As if it could be anything else today. I watched this video during my bus ride home today - yes, I look at other college's Instagram feeds during bus rides... I have a sickness - and I had an IRL LOL moment.

Check out this 10 second slice of Instagram video brilliance from Ole Miss. (This wasn't just posted on Instagram, but that's where I found it so that's where I'm giving the credit.)

This works on so many levels - it's beautifully shot, it's really funny, it's super short, and it has a great call to action. Basically, a brilliant little stroke of marketing fun.

There's also an extended version on YouTube, and I think it's really smart to give people who enjoyed the first one a chance to enjoy it in a different way. I spend a lot of time working on video production, and it's always cool to be able to show behind-the-scenes things or "Director's Cuts." Things like that aren't  for everyone, but they can be a pretty powerful reward for your "super fans"/brand champions/1%ers... whatever term you prefer.

It looks like more videos like this are coming this week, so definitely keep an eye out on the Ole Miss social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram). I can't wait to see more!

Well done, Rebs!




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