Great YouTube Idea: Athletics Access

March Madness has taken over higher ed social media, and getting likes/RTs/shares/comments if your team is in it is pretty much shooting very large fish in a very tiny barrel. But, it's worth highlighting some of the best stuff that colleges have done, like this video from the Florida Gators.

The video itself is fun and energetic and shows off the personalities of players and coaches, but the real takeaway from this is ACCESS.

You really can't ever go wrong showing what's behind the curtain, what your followers and fans can't otherwise see. There is incredible power in access, and it's one of the best ways to really engage with people and have them view your social media efforts not just as a fun way to stay connected to a school, but as a true resource for insider info.

Access isn't just restricted to locker rooms and athletics, though that is a natural example that connects with a huge audience. Think your Instagram followers would like to see a picture of the school president's office? How about your Facebook fans seeing the set-up for commencement? Video of a theater or orchestra rehearsal to use as a teaser? This is the type of stuff that we, as staff members, can uniquely provide.

Go out there and get behind the scenes!

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