Great Facbook Idea: Acceptance Letters Ahoy

Connecting with your followers on an emotional level is the God Tier of social media management. And there's something about these acceptance letters waiting to be sent out that stirs those feelings of excitement, pride, nervousness, and accomplishment, no matter how old you are.

I sure hope Violet and Wellington got accepted!

I sure hope Violet and Wellington got accepted!

Especially nice about this is how easy it is - just a quick check with the admissions office and mail center can make this happen. And if you want to be abjectly lazy about things (of which I am particularly fond), this isn't the type of thing that requires a professional photo... i.e., someone else can take the photo for you! Case in point: This example was taken from the Yale Admissions Instagram page.

So congratulations, Yale! I'm sure this is as proud an accomplishment for that august institution as the five US Presidents they an call alumni.

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