The Week in Links

Good stuff from Jason Boucher on Social Media Today about engaging with prospective students. I especially like the Class Year Hashtag idea. Duke is also doing it, as I'm sure are a lot of schools. Except mine. Since I sort of suck at Twitter. And yet I blog about social media. Ironic.

AllFacebook breaks down a study about Facebook mobile use.

If you’re not totally up to speed on EdgeRank, how it affects who sees your posts, and how you can increase your score, here’s a refresher from Galen Mooney on Social Mouths. Always worthwhile to take a look at.

Is 2013 “The Year of Video”? Francisco Rosales thinks so on Social Mouths. Interesting thoughts on what to do with YouTube. 

Want to start using Instagram?  Some helpful advice from Kim Garst.

And finally, let us let the sweet sounds of Vitesse take us away into the weekend! Ya'll keep in touch now, you hear?

Great Facebook Idea: Fashion Photos

Great Facebook Idea: Photo In Lieu of Link