The Week in Links

Promoting your social media presence at events is a great way to raise awareness by a means other than digitally. With graduations and other major end-of-year coming up, here is some food for thought from Rachel Sprung at Social Media Examiner.

Good thoughts on creating a Facebook Group for class years by Jason Boucher on Social Media Today.

If you're looking for a laugh, this hilarious (and somewhat vulgar) Condescending Corporate Brand Facebook page showcases some of the worst "engagement whoring" committed by brands on social media. It hits a little close to home though.

A very handy social media photo-sizing cheat sheet from Dan Wilkerson at Luna Metrics. Definitely worth saving.

Helpful to-do list from Steven Shattuck on Social Media Today for a "social media Spring cleaning." Hmm... maybe I *should* take a look at the Pinterest page I set up two years ago and then promptly abandoned.

For those among us who make videos on top of everything else we do, finding music is one of the biggest challenges. On Social Times, Devon Glenn has a helpful list of sites with free/cheap royalty free music.

As Facebook's feed changes are implemented, brand advocates will likely become much more important. Good read from AllFacebook.

And finally, a lovely tune from maybe my favorite band ever to ease us into the weekend. Take it away, Magnetic Fields!

Great Facebook Idea: Promoting multiple events at once

Social Media Manager Q&A: Rob Engelsman, Ithaca College