The Week in Links

I've been having a hard time posting links from this blog onto Facebook because the preview photos and headline aren't automatically populating. ANNOYING! Thankfully, there is an extremely handy tool from Facebook to "debug" links and make the display properly, from YouTube videos that aren't popping up an embedable player to articles that aren't displaying correctly. This little link has saved me many headaches over the years.

Check out this #casesmc Twitter chat recap, in advance of the upcoming CASE social media conference. I love going to CASE regional conferences, but I've never been to the SM conference. Might have to beg for a travel budget next year!

Educational Marketing Group has put together a great list of examples of how colleges are using Vine. I've played around a bit with Vine for UP, and lo and behold, they included an absolutely awful video I took outside my office window. Yay! So proud.

Good list of best practices for Live Tweeting events from Steve Shattuck on Social Media Today.

If you're really into Twitter and using apps to help manage it, this post by Aaron Lee on Razor Social offers some great practical advice. Gotta be honest though... too much work for me.

I very much question this post from Richard Stacy on Social Media Today, but it's food for thought. Does social media only reach 3% of your audience?

My most-clicked article this week: University of Michigan winning the internet with School Pride Pets.

And finally... take it away Pulp, the correct answer to all those "Who's better: Blur or Oasis?" Brit-pop debates of yesteryear.

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