The Week in Links

The average age of a Facebook user is 41, according to this interesting infographic Tom Treanor put together on Social Media Today looking into teens abandoning Facebook. Anecdotally, I've definitely found this to be true among prospective and current students. And check out those usage numbers for Tumblr. Damn.

Really thoughtful piece from Rick Allen on Meet Content about creating authentic content for marketing. Being authentic is something we all hear about and all strive for, but the definition of what being authentic means is necessarily unique to your institution so there's not one set game plan or road map about how to pull it off. Really good food for thought.

My most popular post of the week: Engaging admitted students with Morehouse and Williams Colleges. Morehouse has been conducting chats using Facebook events, and Williams pulled off a very successful Tweet-Up.

Varsity Outreach has four tips on how to conduct a Tweet-Up of your own!

Francisco Rosales of SocialMouths writes about who sees your Facebook posts and who doesn't, complete with a very accessible Edge Rank infographic from Post Rocket. Even if you think you know all about Edge Rank, it's worth taking a look.

Alas, I don't manage my school's LinkedIn presence (I'll have to wrest it from the cold, dead hands of the Alumni Office), but these seem like some very helpful tips to boost engagement on a company LinkedIn page from Mike Delgado on Social Media Examiner.

A delightful screed about why everyone hates Google+ by B.J. Mendelson on SocialTimes. Gotta be honest... I'm not a card carrying member of the Google+ bandwagon. Keeping up with Facebook and Twitter is enough work as it is - I do have a life outside work and this blog. Sort of.

And finally... a post-punk ball of goodness from Gang of Four to take us into the weekend!

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