Great YouTube Idea: Disposable Cameras

You know how sometimes you come across an idea that is so good that you become intensely jealous, losing all faith that you could ever think up of something so good? A bit drama queen, I know, but that's sort of how I feel about this disposable camera video/photo project from Ithaca College.

The concept is killer - set up a handful of disposable cameras around campus, get some b-roll video of people using them, and putting it all together into a big bowl of awesome. In addition to the video (which has received more than 13,000 views in six months), they posted the pictures on Facebook too.

I love, love, love organic marketing like this, and it's such a fun way to get students involved. Major props to Ithaca College and their student social media team for this project. Not gonna lie... I already breathlessly emailed my staff photographer/videographer to start the process of doing this at UP. Like, tomorrow, if possible.

Social Media Manager Q&A: Rob Engelsman, Ithaca College

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