Great Facebook Idea: Page Lists Galore!

So, here's the thing. The whole calling oneself a social media expert/guru/ninja/wizard gimmick... it just doesn't do it for me. Maybe I'm too old-fashioned in my thinking, but what was good enough for Socrates is good enough for me. I know one thing: That I know nothing. 

I feel very much the same way as Bryan Roth, a friend of the blog (well, he tweeted something nice to me once, so I say that makes him a friend of the blog): "I'm not an expert, guru or ninja. Just enthusiastic about social media." The second I think I know everything about everything and am always on trend with the latest hot thing is the second I stop being curious and developing my interests and abilities by learning from others. The primary reason I started this site, other than finally being able to use the line "You should check out my blog!" to pick up girls at a bar (just kidding Emily - love you!), was to force myself to start paying a lot more attention to what others in my field are doing and get inspired by lots of great ideas.

All of this is a round-about way to say that, until yesterday, I had absolutely no idea that you could create a public, follow-able list of pages on Facebook. In fact, when I saw Marquette University share its list, I replied: "What is this dark magic?" But no, no pentacles or goat heads were responsible. Turns out this feature has existed for a while and I plum didn't know about it.

Ah, the scalene triangle!

Ah, the scalene triangle!

Super cool, right?!?

First things first: Instructions on how to create a list like this are here. They are easy to follow - I just created a list for UP a few minutes ago.

The feature allows a user to create a public list and add whatever pages fit the topic. Not only is this a handy way for someone to see a lot of posts in one place (no endless scrolling through the news feed), it has the added benefit of showing all the posts from those pages, which never happens in the news feed. (My particular favorite is when EdgeRank won't put in my news feed an item I just posted from a page that I manage. Love that!) 

I'm especially excited about this just for the simple reason that it will allow me to see all the content that is generated by all the other official pages from my school, which will give me a better idea of what is going on around campus and if there is anything I would like to share on the pages I manage. Furthermore, it's a cool thing to provide the super fans out there who want to follow absolutely everything. 

I feel pretty silly that I blog about social media yet I didn't know about this until last night, but I take solace in Socrates. I know one thing: That I know nothing. There is always something new to learn. Thanks for the lesson, Marquette!

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