Great Facebook Idea: Hometown Love

As in many things in life, there's always something to be said for the familiar. The comfortable. The nostalgic. 

This is especially true when it comes to colleges and their alumni - the desire to re-live the glory days should never be underestimated. And some of the most powerful associations people have from their college days aren't even of the college itself... they are from the local bar, the coffeeshop down the street, the mini-mart with the very much appreciated "no questions asked" policies when it came to IDs and alcohol purchases. (Shout out to Mack's Market and their acceptance of my friend Nick's fake ID from Switzerland.) 

Which is why I enjoy this weekly series from Heidelberg University that highlights well-known local establishments. And not only is it good for kindling fond memories from alums, it's great for prospective/current students to learn about their adopted hometown and as away to highlight and give props to the many shops and businesses that serve the university population. Spreading love in the community is never, ever a bad idea.

Tiffin, Ohio: God's Country

Tiffin, Ohio: God's Country

Heidelberg has been posting the links on its Facebook page, and they have received some good engagement levels, especially from community groups and city boosters.

This is one of those ideas that isn't big and flashy and over-the-top "social media-y," if that even makes sense. It's just a simple way to spread some hometown love while creating content that is enjoyable and useful for a wide cross-section of the audience. It's something that the local businesses will appreciate, the alumni will wax nostalgic over, and the prospective students will take notes from. In other words, a very nice little social media project indeed.  

Good on ya, Heidelburg! 

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