The Week in Links

I haven't posted a links round-up in quite a while, so my apologies if some of this stuff is a bit dated. Still trying to catch up on life in general after being on the road for nearly an entire month! 

Be sure to check out this Twitter Chat recaps from CASE on  "Difficult Situations in Social Media" and "Social Media Outreach for Niche Markets." Great stuff.

Following up on my post earlier this week about graduation time lapse videos, here is a really nice live-stream how-to by Hans Mundahl on Ed Social Media about doing an online broadcast of graduation (or any other event). We have streamed graduation at UP the past few years, and we always get thousands of viewers. 

Really thoughtful article from Kevin Grubb on his blog social@edu on his thoughts after attending a large NACE conference. Read an excerpt on his blog (and check out the rest of it - great stuff on there) and then check out the whole thing on the NACE blog.

I'm very interested in putting together a student social media team at UP this year, so I absolutely loved this article by Courtney Mallam on MeetContent about training student content creators.

Finally, check out this post by Ben Harper on SocialMediaToday about Facebook's new insights. I have already upgraded to them on my page, and so far, so good. I don't use the insights tool too too much, but I definitely like this new interface much better than the previous one.

Now for what you've all been waiting for - a tasty song selection to help you get into that weekend state of mind. Howzabout rocking this one out... if you aren't dancing around and shouting out "GO!" within the next minute, well, I think you better check your pulse, my friend. You may have suffered an untimely early death. "Living it up is the thing to do!" Oh, indeed.

Great Social Media Idea: Ain't No Party Like a Listicle Party

Great Facebook Idea: Hometown Love