The Week in Links

• Remember my post from earlier this week about the brilliant and bold Mason Nation Project? Be sure to check out this great blog post on Educational Marketing Group by Beth Pullias, who helps implement that project for George Mason University. 

• For the lulz: "26 Signs You Work in Social Media" from Buzzfeed.  So, so much #2, #6, #19, and #22.

• My most popular post this week: A great tip on sharing user pics on Instagram from Princeton.  I've already started doing this, and it has been GREAT!

• A fun list of some of the most popular colleges on Instagram by Thibaut Davoult on Nitrogram. (My own amazing Instagram page for UP was somehow mistakenly left off the list. Funny how that always seems to happen with rankings like this.)  :)  I highly recommend hopping over there and following all of them... you can always learn from your peers! 

• This article from Carrie Morgan on Social Media Today on social media crisis training is particularly timely this week. My heart goes out to the good people running Loyola Marymount University's social media this week (who I've featured on the blog before) - they had a huge story blow up on them when the school announced it was not renewing the lease on a popular coffee shop on campus. A front page story on Reddit with nearly 3,000 comments, news coverage, a heated Twitter campaign, and a 3,000+ member Facebook group within 48 hours later... our compatriots at LMU deserve a drink. Many of them.

• As someone who readily admits to being pretty horrible at Twitter, this article by Adam Wexler on Social Media Today about the make-up of an ideal Twitter feed was quite helpful. 

• Not sure if this is true for all of you, but some of the most active people on the social media pages I manage are moms. Check out this article by Juntae DeLane on his blog about how men and women use social media. Not surprisingly, women are better at it, just like they are at most things.

• Really enjoyed this philosophical metaphor about coming up with new ideas by Ken Mueller on Social Media Today. He writes about blogging specifically, but it's very applicable advice for us social media hacks. Don't get stuck in a rut and be sure to explore other places, of course, but do please keep coming back to this blog!

Finally, a quick note from me: thank you, thank you, THANK YOU to everyone for making this week the most successful week ever for this blog. To everyone who has stopped by, shared articles with colleagues, gave me a favorite or RT on Twitter... it is all so very much appreciated! Sorry I'm so slow at responding to emails - believe me, it's not just you - it's all my friends and family too.  :)  Seriously - the kind words and support are very humbling and mean a lot to me.

For the weekend, I leave you with a favorite from my childhood, when - under the benign influence of my brothers - I pretty much exclusively listened to Sting, The Police, and U2.  Good times, and if you think I don't know every single word to every single song by all them, you are quite mistaken. 

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