Great Facebook Idea: Nothing to Post? There's Always Dorm Pride!

Though no specific date range technically exists, for me the summer doldrums officially start after July 4 and last well into mid-August. I'm a dyed-in-the-wool Pacific Northwesterner, meaning I pretty much wilt in temperatures above 80 degrees. In such scorching heat, everything slows down and it takes a little extra effort to find motivation sometimes, which can be especially difficult when you're trying to come up with things to post when campus has more in common with a ghost town than a bustling hive of academic pursuit.

So I particularly enjoyed this post from Elon University today:

So perfectly simple, so much engagement. I love it!

So perfectly simple, so much engagement. I love it!

Like many of the posts I highlight on this blog, I don't like this because I think it's some brilliant social media campaign or anything like that. I mean, it's nothing more than a nice photo of a dorm and a quick caption. But what makes it so good is that it accomplishes the task of fulfilling a daily post requirement (which, as we all know, can be a real challenge sometimes) and does a really wonderful job of ginning up some fond memories and getting a nice wave of mutilation... er... I mean wave of sentimentality going. Sentimentality! (Real talk: I'm listening to The Pixies while writing this masterpiece of a blog post.)

I am always and forever in support of posts that get people waxing nostalgic. Even simply posting a picture of a dorm can instantly bring alumni and students back to their time living there. Seriously... how cool is that? 

So props to Elon for posting something as simple as this but still transcending to the emotional level that is so crucial to real social media success. 


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