Great Facebook Idea: Maps, Maps, Maps, Maps Maps Maps

Errrrybody! Maps, maps, maps, maps maps maps!!!!!!! (That song would have been a much bigger hit than "Shots, shots, shots!" don't you think? If only record company A&R people had the wherewithal to hire me as a consultant.) Had I been born in a different era, I think I would have definitely been a cartographer. I can't draw if my life depended on it, but I sure do me love maps. My favorite book growing up was a Rand McNalley Road Atlas of the USA. You think I'm kidding. 

First, some housekeeping: When you're my age, you go to about eight weddings every summer. It's in the contract. And sometimes you even end up in the weddings (yes, even social media bloggers can have good friends!), which is why this has been a slow week for me blog-wise and probably will remain so until early next week. Sorry peeps! 

But that doesn't mean I can't share some social media brilliance with you before I put on a monkey suit and dance, dance, dance the night away. So check out this awesome map from Colgate University, showcasing all the different places its international students call home.

Maps freaking rule. End of discussion.

Maps freaking rule. End of discussion.

I really like this for a few reasons, first among them being OMG it's a map!!! I really do love maps. And so do lots of other people. There's just something really cool about seeing a map like that and seeing visual evidence of a school's global impact. Instant pride! I'm super jealous I haven't done this before for UP.

Also, international students are very important to universities (cha-ching!), so it's great to have a graphic that can show international students considering attending a university   that there truly is a global community present. Plus, I've often found that international students can become some of the most passionate advocates for a school, so it's neat to show them something that represents them and makes them feel special and valued.

So props to Colgate for this super cool map... really, really love this! And you all can make it happen too, with a quick call to your international students office and an hour with a Photoshop paint bucket. Enjoy!

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