The Week in Links

• The biggest higher ed social media news of the week: LinkedIn has launched University Pages! Really excited to dive in and give this a whirl. People a lot smarter than me have written a lot about its possible implications, so I'll just pass along a link to info on how to create a page for your school, become an administrator, etc.

• Sending some cyber-love to the social media managers at George Washington University. Why? Fran Berkman of Mashable explains here. Hang in there, guys! 

• Speaking of George Washington University... really enjoyed this "Higher Ed Content Strategist Survival Guide" on Meet Content's blog by Lisa Maria Martin of GWU. My favorite bit of advice in there: Find allies everywhere. So, so, so true.

• My most popular post of the week: The user-generated top ten list University of Pacific is working on.

• Really enjoyed using Tagboard as a way to curate all the tweets, instagrams, and Facebook posts using UP's orientation hashtag. Check out UP's as an example.

• Great rundown of alumni engagement examples on Future Index. Can't help but be inspired by some of those awesome ideas! 

• Here's a nice, quick rundown on some Reddit house rules by Matthew Schmoldt on Social Media Today. I'm not a redditor myself (how do people find time for such things?), but I have been able to use it from time to time in my professional work to help promote UP. Most notably, it helped lead to 130,000+ views and international media coverage for this video of UP student Sam Bridgman walking across the stage at gradation this past May.

• Crowdfunding is looming ever-larger for we higher ed social media managers (raise your hand if you've had a meeting about crowdfunding with development staff in the past few months!) , and it's something we're all going to have to get up to speed on in a hurry. Here's a nice list of nine tips for running a successful crowdfunding campaign by Megan O'Neil on Social Times.

OK party people... that's it for this week. Enjoy a fine slice of German indie-pop as you sail off into the weekend! (I studied abroad in Austria... I can't help but love some German pop!)

Great Social Media Idea: Tagboard!

Great Facebook Idea: Orientation Road Signs