The Week in Links

Hi everyone! Just FYI.. I'm heading off to a wedding in San Francisco this morning, so this is going to be an abbreviated week in links and then the blog will lie dormant until probably Wednesday next week. Not sure how you guys will cope during this time, but I know you'll make it through somehow... you guys are fighters!

• If you read one thing this week, read Gretchen Edwards of Wake Forest's post on the Case Blog about move-in day social media strategy. So, so good, and really shows how a well-executed social media event requires a lot of planning and legwork. 

• Nice article on Social Media Examiner by Louise Julig about the San Francisco Giants and their ragingly successful social media presence. I was lucky enough to spend quite a bit of time with Larry Baer, the CEO of the Giants, earlier this year when he spoke at UP, and it blew me away how much he talked about social media and how important it is to their organization. 

• My most popular post of the week: 50 Great Social Media Ideas in Higher Ed Part 1 and Part 2. Thanks to everyone who checked out those posts and who might be new to the blog... I had more visitors on Thursday than I ever have before. Woohoo! Thanks to all seven of you who stopped by!

• I missed this week's CASE Twitter chat. Again. I miss them every single time. I don't know what's wrong with me, but I sure am glad they always collate them all onto Storify! 

• Big change from Facebook: It's now permitted to run contests and promotions outside of an app and to use likes/comments on a page post. Not that many of us really payed attention to the prohibition in the first place, but at least it's legal now. 

• More changes from Facebook, this time to its news feed algorithm. Jon Loomer explains on his blog how Facebook is now cracking down on pages that beg for likes/comments/shares and use memes to gin up "engagement." Music to my ears: "Focus on creating content that people like. Focus on the people, not the algorithm."

OK... got an early flight, so it's California dreamin' time for me. As always, thanks for visiting the blog, and I hope you all have a lovely Labor Day weekend! Again, I should be back at it on the blog around Wednesday next week. 

Finally, even though the answer to the age old "Which is the best Britpop band - Oasis or Blur?" questions is and forever shall be Pulp, that doesn't mean Blur doesn't have a few stellar songs, namely this toe-tapper. Enjoy! 


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