The Week in Links

• Instagram just updated to 4.1, and it has made a HUGE change. Users can now upload videos from the phone's library, rather than just ones taken through Isntagram's native app. This is big, big, big. And terrific for brands.

• Wonderful, insightful thoughts about social media and fundraising by Kevin Hannon on his blog Social Matters. Be sure to check out Kevin's other posts... great stuff on there.

• My most popular post of the week: Giving kudos to George Mason and naming its "Mason Nation Project" the best social media idea of the month! 

• Not directly social media related, but I worship of the altar at Nate Silver because I love baseball and I majored in political science (and English and German too, which is why I make so much money these days!)  and I am so freaking excited for his new 538 website with ESPN. You can't help but get excited about the future of online media and content when you listen to this podcast with Nate Silver, Bill Simmons, and Malcolm Gladwell.

• Really love the "SLU in a Box" project highlighted on the CASE blog by Meg Bernier of Saint Lawrence University. A very fun idea, and perfect for sharing on social media.

• Here's a nice list of "Colleges That are Schooling the Rest in Social Media" by Robin Withall on Archive Social. Somehow she forgot to include my work for University of Portland... must have been an oversight.   ;)

• Interesting breakdown of job descriptions for higher ed content strategist positions by Gregory Cohen on Meet Social. It pains me that measurement is listed as the top priority and content creation (writing and multimedia) is less emphasized. Social ROI? Boo! Booooo! Boooooooooooooooo!

And with that Princess Bride reference, that's a wrap! Have a great weekend everyone. As always, thanks so much for stopping by this little corner of the web. Really appreciate it!

As a way of showing my thanks, I leave you with a fantastic cover of one of my favorite Prince songs by former Portland band (and brlliantly named) Casiotone for the Painfully Alone. Enjoy! Or not. It's up to you, really.

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