The Week in Links

• If you read one thing this week, make it Jessica Krywosa's article about The Scroll at Hamilton College in the September issue of CASE's Currents magazine. It's things like this that make me want to pack up my sad little social media work and go sell mattresses or something like that.

• So are teens abandoning Facebook? Augie Ray on Experience: The Blog looks at the latest data. Short answer? No.

• Kevin Grubb of Social@Edu gave a great interview with the Higher Ed Marketing Journal about the state of social media in higher ed.  Lots of great points and insight.

• Another CASE Twitter Chat, (about engaging students on social media) another time I post the link several days later with a hangdog, guilty expression for not having taken part.  Look, I pretty much suck at Twitter, OK? As always, great stuff in here.

• Work in social media in higher ed? Probably, if you're reading this blog. Douglas Miller of DePaul University is putting together a new Higher Education Social Media Consortium... click here to sign up!

• The brilliant Stephanie Hatch of MIT shares several ways to use Google+ in Higher Ed. Sigh... maybe one day I'll actually start using Google+. 

• Meg Bernier writes a very thought-provoking and insightful article exploring if Instagram is really social on Weathering the Norm. Ultimately, I suppose the answer depends on how important the ability to share others' content is to you.

• Robert Bochnak of Social Media Matters has an awesome and in-depth three-part series on social media event coverage. There's lots of other great higher ed stuff on his blog too - be sure to check it out!

OK... that's it for now. Sorry I'm posting this on a Saturday instead of Friday. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas spoke at my campus on Thursday, and since my job title includes media relations, that sort of took over things for a few days and presented some interesting challenges. 

Anyway, it's the first day of fall and it's raining in Portland, so this song seems absolutely perfect for the changing times: 

Great Social Media Idea: Donation Challenge between Rivals

Great Social Media Idea: School Pride Photos Galore!