#casesmc Chat Today!

Apologies for the self-promotion in lieu of a post today, but I want to let you all know that I'll be co-moderating the CASE #casesmc Twitter chat today, taking place from 11AM-noon Pacific time. Please join in!

The topic is engaging current students (and why) beyond sports and giveaways. It'll be a great discussion, and (I think) and important once, since I personally feel like current students are often the "odd man out" when it comes to social media efforts.

Bosses see a lot more potential ROI for admissions and fundraising/stewardship work, and current students are a moving target - they're not always easy to reach, and they are so immersed in what's happening on campus that it's hard to get them excited about things on social media relating to the school.

But I also feel like it's crucially important to spend time really thinking of ways to reach out to current students, because the more you can do to help them have a positive experience when they are on campus will help shape them into engaged, committed, and (hopefully) generous alumni.

It'll be a good time, so stop on by and contribute to the discussion!

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