Great Social Media Idea: Graduation Countdown and Hub Page

It's January and there's still a whole semester's worth of classes to take, but for the Class of 2014 there's just one thing on the mind, even if they are terrified of it: Graduation. I'm so busy at work right now that I can't even bring myself to think that far ahead and contemplate all the work that commencement requires, but at least one overachieving, eager beaver school out there has clearly been spending a lot of time thinking about it... thanks for making me look like such a lazy bum, Florida State.

I mean, just look at this awesome "Countdown to Commencement" social media hub they have put together!

This is really cool in a lot of ways. Not only does it have the countdown, but it also provides some fun utility with pre-made FB cover photos, a few fun listicles about things to do before you graduate and great places around campus to take pictures, an interactive slider that showcases Instagram pics and tweets that use their graduation hashtag, and info on the various live streams available.

Totally awesome, right? I'm really impressed with how it all comes together in one simple page - not a single sub-page to be found, with everything you need front and center. 

Props to Florida State for a job well done with this project, even if it does make me look and feel like a total failure for not having even spent one second of thought on graduation yet. Sheesh.  :)

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