The Week in Links

Gather 'round, gather 'round... it's another weekly links round up!!!

• Mark you calendars for next Tuesday's #casesmc chat! I'll be helping co-moderate, and the topic will be on best ways to connect with the ever-elusive current students on social media. Tuesday, Jan. 14, 11 a.m - noon PST. (Yes, Pacific time. Take that, east coasters!)

• Great stuff from Duke University and the brilliant Cara Rousseau - Duke's Google+ page is now their #1 social media presence in terms of total followers. Wow.

• Nice article from Sharon Aschaiek on University Affairs about how a few different colleges are using LinkedIn's university pages.

• My most popular post of the week: University of Michigan's pioneering use of Instagram Direct!

• Not strictly higher ed related, but this is a wonderful article from Kate Myers about her experience managing NPR's social media. Choice quote: "There will be places you move to very late. And there will be awesome trends that you dismiss. And it is ok."

• Great post from Keith Hannon on his blog Social Matters about getting out of the office and discovering great content. Be sure to watch the video - fun stuff!

That's it for this week... sorry for the abbreviated list, but I've got a late night of work ahead of me and I need my beauty sleep tonight.  :)

But before I go, here are the sweet, sweet sounds of the Stone Roses. Enjoy!

Great Social Media Idea: When the Students are Away, the President Will Play

Great Social Media Idea: Virtual Therapy Pets