Great Social Media Idea: What's Your Favorite Band?

I'll admit it... I'm a sucker for "people on the street" videos. One of my favorite videos that I worked on last year was this one, where we asked people on campus to tell the story behind the last photo they took on their phone.

So when I saw this "Who is your favorite band?" video from Berklee College of Music, I was an easy mark.

Of course, Berklee being a music school, a lot of the band choices are super sophisticated (though, shoutout to the girl who said Spice Girls!)... I felt a bit silly realizing that my answer would probably be Prince, then I felt better about myself when I listened to my favorite Prince song and remembered how amazing he is. (The inestimable When You Were Mine... just listen to it! And look at that picture! Prince is the best.).

Sorry... got sidetracked. This is a super fun video - I particularly like the addition of the music from the bands mentioned... a very nice touch! - and at under a minute is a super breezy watch. Also fun was the comment thread this created on Facebook, with lots of people chiming in with their own favorite bands.

Stuff like this is always great content - it's real, it's on the street, it's authentic... it's the type of thing that people *want* to watch and it's the type of thing that is interesting to people beyond those that are connected to your brand (Scott Stratten's "Third Circle" principle that I always try to keep in mind when working on video projects). 

Also, in some ways it reminded me of the awesome "What's In My Bag?" video series from Amoeba Records (go ahead and get lost for an hour or two here), which is an A+ in my book.

Well done, Berklee!

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