Great Social Media Idea: Time Slice Photography

OK, so today's post is more about a photography technique than a specific idea, but it's a really cool technique and you should totally try it out!

Colorado experienced some crazy weather today, and the UC-Boulder Facebook page smartly shared this image - created by Chris Nie, a student - that told you everything you need to know in one cool picture.

This technique, called time slice photography, allows you to blend pictures from different times of the day into one image. It's particularly cool when showing things like sunrises, sunsets, and weather changes.

I've seen a few other schools share pictures like this, and they are uniformly well-received by their followers, and no surprise... it's something cool and different that not a lot of people have seen before.

So your mission, should you choose to accept it: pick a cool spot on campus, set up a tripod, be patient, and make some magic happen!

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