Great Social Media Idea: Oral History

Happy Friday, ya'll! I hope you don't mind my somewhat irregular posting... I'm still getting back into the swing of regular blogging, and right now I'm feeling unable (i.e. too lazy) to post every day. But hey, at least I'm here, right? Right!

I spotted this neat little bit of content (oooh, look at me using buzzy little buzzwords!) from St. Mary's College today - it's an oral history of sorts that shares the memories of a particularly big moment in university history from four different alumni:

From what I can tell this was actually part of SMC's alumni magazine, and it's great to see bits and pieces from a publication like that appearing digitally. 

If you click through to the Facebook post, you'll see lots of alumni from that time period commenting that they had attended that game and tagging their fellow alums or sharing it with them... it may be a somewhat narrow audience of people who remember that particular game, but for those that do remember it, it's clear they really appreciated the walk down memory lane and reading the reflections provided.

With FB continuing to ramp down on reach and with the competition for attention continuing to increase, more and more I'm intrigued by niche content for niche audiences, which I think is why this post in particular jumped out at me. I think there's a lot of opportunity for customized content for specific audiences, and it just may be a trend that continues to grow in the social media space, which for so long was focused on a mass audience.

Anyway, good stuff Gaels, and have a lovely weekend everyone!

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