Great Social Media Idea: Timelapse Art on Instagram

What's up party people? Came across this fun Instagram post from University of San Francisco today, and I thought I would share it with ya'll.

Probably more than any other school I follow, USF features LOTS of students and crowd-sourced content on its social media platforms. It's a different approach that I am not quite brave enough to do myself but which can be very refreshing to see when you're following a bunch of other pages that tend to hit the same #branding beats.

Anyway, this example showcases a talented student drawing a cartoon, which works perfectly for Instagram video. (In case you haven't noticed, Instagram video is pretty much terrible for anything other than very visual, creative things that don't require audio and don't have people in them.)

If nothing else, posts like this are a good reminder that you can't always expect stuff to fall into your lap when you crowdsource... sometimes you have to do a bit of digging and hustling to find he *best* stuff rather than the easiest stuff that people are kind enough to tag for you. :)

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