Great Social Media Idea: What are You Studying?

I feel like I've been featuring too many videos on here lately, but apparently I can't help myself. Know of a great non-video example of social media higher ed? Drop me a line in the suggestion box to the right of the page!

In the meantime, check out this fun video from North Carolina State University, which features a roaming camera person talking to students in the library about what they are studying.

I'm always a sucker for "on the street" videos like this, but I particularly like this one because it's very academic and gives students an opportunity to look smart, which is not always the easiest thing to translate into an engaging video. It captures some of the harried, all-nighter energy of finals week, but also let's students showcase some of their classroom chops.

I could definitely see a video like this being attractive to a certain segment of donors, alumni, parents, and even prospective students that feel a stronger affinity for the school through academics than athletics, social life, etc.

Well done, Wolfpack!

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