Great Social Media Idea: Top 20 FB Post Countdown

Yesterday I asked for non-video social media ideas, and lo and behold, you wonderful readers delivered. It truly is a Christmas miracle.

End of the year "Top (insert number here) (insert topic here) of 2014" lists are on the brink of taking over your social media feeds from now until mid-January, and Brown University is putting a spin on the list idea with a countdown of its top 20 Facebook posts of the year. Check it out:

It's a fun idea, and I'm not surprised to see that the re-posts are getting great engagement numbers the second time around - they are proven winners, after all! And it's a flexible idea too - you can do it countdown style like Brown is, or you could compile them all into a listicle.

Either way, it offers some good content to post during the holiday doldrums, especially that really tough period between Christmas and New Years that is extremely difficult to gin up compelling posts for.

I'm not entirely sure how Brown is coming up with the Top 20 list, but there are a few different ways to do it, like using FB's insights tool to rank them by likes or "people talking about this" or reach or shares or whatever metric you so choose, or even coming up with a subjective ranking. 

Thanks for the submission, kind person who sent this to me, and thanks for the good idea, Brown!


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