Great Social Media Idea: Say Something Nice!

OMG OMG OMG OMG........... just watch this video from University of New Hampshire:

Now, UNH (and their awesome #hesm ace Jason Boucher) always do great social media work, but this one is something special. As Jason wrote in a note that came through in the suggestion box:

During our month of believing campaign, we set a megaphone out for anyone to “say something nice.”

The results were amazing and so is our video.

Perfectly succinct and perfectly true.

I can't help but be a sucker for "art project" experiments like this. Stuff that is unexpected, different, fun, fresh, unique, clever, creative - pick your adjective! - and makes people feel better about themselves for having participated in it and/or watched the results.

 This is the type of video that would be a welcome addition to anyone's social media feed, not just people who are connected to UNH. (Which, of course, is the secret sauce to making any #hesm video go "viral.")

This really is fantastic work - huge props to Jason and everyone at UNH who made this project happen.

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