The Week in Links

Here I go, here I go, here I go again. Girls what's my weakness? Links! (Source, for all you crazy people who don't love early 90s music as much as me.)

• Nicholas Carson has a great write-up on Business Insider on the hard truths about Facebook's updated news feed algorithm. This shouldn't be news to anyone, but it does a great job of forcing us to recalibrate our thinking about how Facebook fits into long-term social media plans.

• Hilary Frazier of the University of Michigan has a great write up on how Pinterest can be a secret weapon for higher ed on the Web + Higher Ed Medium page, which you really should go to right now because I feel like an idiot linking every single article that has been posted on there. Considering the UP Pinterest page has, oh... maybe 4 followers, this just makes me hang my head in shame.

• The always great Robert Bochnak has a great write-up on his blog Social Media Matters about a successful project he worked on via Harvard Business School's Twitter. As someone who perpetually sucks with Twitter, I was very impressed. (Why do all of the links I post end with me feeling lousy about the work I do? Sigh...)

• My most popular post of the week: This cool and interactive outcomes infographic by Smith College.

• Future Index has a nice run-down of fun examples from higher ed social media on Valentine's Day. That video from Western Washington University is killer! Don't miss it.

• Georgy Cohen has a really great post on Meet Content, examining if social media hubs are worth it in today's landscape. I have often gotten the feeling that hubs like this are more a way to show bosses what's happening on social media rather than a real destination point for users. (I say as I quickly duck from all the bricks being thrown at me by all you readers who spend a lot of time on them).

• Meg Bernier of St. Lawrence University offers some good thoughts on the CASE blog about encouraging students to think about their digital identity and putting on a campus-wide "Digital Identity Week." This hits close to home for me, since just last week I spoke to my entire high school (ahhhhh! At an assembly in the gym and everything!) about this very subject.

• Cameron Pegg of Australia's Griffith University has a neat piece on the CASE blog as well about creating awesome viral content for higher ed. Lots of really great examples here of higher ed content that has gone viral.

And finally... the latest entry into the Dream Pop February category!!! Yes, yes - Fade Into You by Mazzy Star is a bit cliche and features on the soundtrack of every 90s movie and TV show that's worth watching, but let's face it - this song is basically a gift from heaven for all of us to enjoy for eternity. (Plus, Hope Sandoval is a total babe. Like, totally.)

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