The Week in Links

Somehow it's the end of February, and no one told me. We're 1/6 of the way done with 2014 now. Absolutely horrifying.

It's the end of another month, and as always... endless thanks and appreciation to everyone who visited the blog this month. I continue to be truly amazed by all the people who take the time to check out some of the posts, share them on social media, submit ideas of their own, and say nice (and absolutely undeserved) things to me. It's been almost a year since I started this blog, and it's been an incredibly humbling and inspiring ride. Thanks everyone!

Now onto this week's links:

• Really nice deep dive into the Suffolk 365 integrated social media campaign by Karine Joly on College Web Editor.

• Definitely go check out the always great Jessica Krywosa's post about doing social media "well" on her website. She makes such a good point about the critical need to integrate social media with broader branding and marketing goals and not just take the easy way out and keep ourselves occupied with contests and campaigns that exist in a vacuum. Hooray for reading stuff by smart people!

• My most popular post of the week? George Mason's Instagram scavenger hunt.

• On his Higher Ed Marketing blog, Andrew Careaga has some good thoughts on the PBS Frontline documentary Generation Like. I haven't seen it yet, but am now very eager to check it out.

• Tim Cigelske does incredible work at Marquette, and it was great to read this article by Anna Washenko on Sprout Social's blog about a successful Marquette social media project.

• Really enjoyed this post by ever insightful Ma'ayan Plaut on the Oberlin webteam blog that looks into how she uses Tumblr for content distribution and storytelling. Tumblr is a bit intimidating for me, because I don't use it personally and don't really "get" how it works. (Yes, I'm officially old.) I had some success with it making listicles and posting pretty photos of campus, but clearly I'm only scratching the surface of its potential.

• So... I haven't watched it yet (I've been super sick the past week and watching nothing but Veronica Mars and Friday Night Lights), but judging by all the smart people in it I'm sure this #casesmc Google Hangout about making the case for social media implementation is great.

And now, alas, the final entry for Dream Pop February. It's been a lovely ride, and it's been so much fun (for me!) that I've already decided on a theme for March. But you'll just have to wait til next Wednesday to see what it will be. Until then, enjoy this final slice of dream pop heaven:

Best Social Media Idea of the Month: Smith College's Outcomes Infographic

Great Social Media Idea: It's All About the People