Great Social Media Idea: March Madness for Dorms

I can't remember a time I've ever done this on the blog, but I'm going to do it today: Recycle a post.

Partly because I just got home from a late night out with my parents (true story!) and partly because I've been so swamped at work this week that I haven't had the energy to do much blogging, but in honor of March Madness kicking off for real today, I present to you a fun idea from Taylor University that I originally posted about last year: March Madness for Dorms. (Click for the original post.)

Still really love this idea... wish I would have had the time to implement something like this for UP this year.

OK everyone - have fun watching lots and lots of basketball today! And be sure to make good use of the "Boss Bottun" that CBS so thoughtfully provides on its livestream.  :)

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