Great Social Media Idea: Map My Campus

True story: When I was a kid, one of my favorite books was the Rand McNally Road Atlas. I really freaking loved maps. And I still do... I can happily spend a long time in a Google-black hole of looking at maps. The historical range of Lapland? Don't mind if I do!

So when I saw this really, really cool map from Haverford College, it took me about two seconds to know I was going to feature it on the blog. I absolutely love it, and judging by the response on Facebook, so do their followers.

I mean, come on... how amazing is this? Not only is it really cool as a map jam-packed full of detail, it's a great piece of art in it's own right, and I'm sure there are plenty of students and alumni who are clamoring to have it printed up and hung on their wall.

It's also a terrific piece for prospective students - especially from out-of-state - to learn more about the area and see what's nearby in a really fun and graphic way.

After one look at this I suddenly became desperate to have one made for UP and I frantically sent an email to my coworkers saying as much. (I send a lot of frantic emails to my coworkers... they're very nice about humoring me and my flights of fancy.)

Huge props to Haverford for creating this map, and kudos to the artist for doing a tremendous job. I now know that Manayunk has some cute shops, Narberth has some happy little houses (channeling my inner Bob Ross), and Wynnewood appears to be afflicted with a giant backhoe, and I'm a better man for it. 

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