Great Social Media Idea: Four Year Photo Recap

Like I said earlier this week, with it being graduation season and all, the likelihood if me posting lots of graduation social media ideas over the next few weeks is high. Well let me tell you, friends... that prediction was on point.

Check out this fun photo collage that Mississippi State University posted, which highlights several of the big moments the Class of 2014 experienced during their four years on campus:

There's not much graduating seniors enjoy more than looking back and feeling nostalgic about their college experience, so a photo collage and question prompt like this makes a ton of sense. It also a neat way to show prospective students and the community at large all the cool things that happen on campus, without shoving it in their faces with a "Look at all the awesome stuff we do here!" post. Also, something like this is catnip for proud parents, who want nothing more than to brag on Facebook about their graduating child.

More than anything, I like that this is a clean and "simple" idea, in the sense that it doesn't require a whole campaign or creating a lot of extra work. It works beautifully as a stand-alone piece that people want to see and interact with. I think sometimes we social media folks gravitate toward the elaborate, when really often all that is needed to pull off a winner of an idea is one well-executed post.

Anyway, UP's graduation was almost two weeks ago now, so my chance at posting something like this is sadly long gone. But it's an idea I'm going to tuck away for next year, as should you if you're commencement is in the rearview mirror. It's a good one.

Props, Mississippi State! 

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