The Week in Links

Whelp... I haven't done a links round-up in quite some time. Sorry about that! But that doesn't mean I haven't been soaking up all the wisdom from the collective internet. I've just been selfishly hoarding it all for myself. As such, I make my amends.

• I enjoyed this article by Tim Nekrtiz of SUNY Oswego on the wisdom (or lack thereof) of having proliferating social media accounts. I absolutely agree with his main points, though I also wonder whether Facebook's recent algorithm changes make hyper-specific "affinity groups" more valuable than they used to be. Within the past year I created a FB page for a study abroad program that is celebrating its 50th anniversary, and though it only has something like 800 likes it occasionally reaches more people (raw, not percentage) than the nearly 16K-follower UP page.

• The always-great Jessica Krywosa of Hamilton College identifies some highlights from the recently leaked New York Times innovation report. The original document is fascinating and very worth a read, but Jessica pulls out some key bullet points.

• In case you missed this week's #casesmc Twitter chat, it was all about keeping social media momentum going during the summer. I somehow managed to remember it was happening (pathetic, but that's a big deal for me!) so I got to take part!

• Great, great stuff from Hillary Frazier of University of Michigan and Tim Cigelske of Marquette University about using Snapchat for brands. Both articles appear on the fantastic Web + Higher Ed Medium collection (edited by Ma'ayan Plaut of Oberlin College), which you should subscribe to immediately.

• My most popular post this week: The awesome graduation video showcasing shoes by Bates College.

• Karine Joly wrote a great piece on College Web Editor about the ever-increasing demands on our attention. This is something I struggle with for sure... I've never been a very organized person and I am definitely the type that gets excited coming up with ideas rather than seeing them through to completion, so I'm very much low-hanging fruit for sweet, sweet cat videos and anything that seems new and interesting.

* * *

OK... that's it for this week. As always, huge thanks to everyone who stopped by the blog!

I leave you with a fabulous song from the great Canadian supergroup the New Pornographers. I've loved Neko Case for years now, but this was my first into to her. Enjoy!

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