Great Social Media Idea: Pre-Fab Facebook Banner

Today's post will be a quickie but a goodie.

Providing pre-fab desktop wallpapers, Facebook banners, smart phone backgrounds, etc. isn't anything new under the sun, but something really jumped out at me when I saw what University of Colorado-Boulder posted today... the enthusiastic comments from incoming students:

With deposits due and high school graduation season just starting to get into swing, all the incoming students are pretty much at peak "I'm so done with high school, bring on college!" mode. Providing them with something like this right now is truly perfect timing... I'm sure a good number of the incoming Class of 2018 made this their banner photo or tweeted it out accompanied by a post saying something along the lines of "Can't wait for college!"

Anecdotally, I've seen lots of Tweets and Instagrams over the past few weeks from members of the Class of 2018 saying exactly this, so it makes sense to grease the wheels a bit and spoonfeed them something they might be able to use, especially if it includes a gorgeous photo of the Rocky Mountains.

And, of course, as a lot of great #hesm folks talked about in this week's Twitter chat, it can be tough to come up with good content to post over the summer, so why not spend a bit of time in Illustrator and Photoshop cooking up some great cover images like this? Here's a handy sizing chart, with all the specific pixel dimensions.

Well done, Buffs!



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