The Week in Links

It's Friday link-o-rama time!!!!!!!!!!!!!

• Be sure to check out this enlightening infographic from the great Jason Boucher of University of New Hampshire showing how UNH students use social media. Amazing how much time students these days are on SM, and how large of a percentage use Twitter. Sigh... I suppose one day I'll actually come around to spending more time on there.

• I succeeded in making myself feel absolutely miserable, insignificant, and bad at my job when I stumbled across the incredible University of Michigan social media team blog earlier today. Way too many good things to pick just one to link to. F'ing impressive.

• I missed this one, alas, but be sure to check out the recap from this week's #casesmc chat on social media strategies for accepted students.

• I was very excited to see this great article on the ever-present #hesm issue of proliferating Facebook pages by Kate Post of Chico State University on her new blog #ThePost! I've always been a proponent of keeping the number of "official" pages to a minimum as much as possible, but with FB's recent crackdown on organic reach, I'm starting to come around to the usefulness of smaller niche affinity pages. For example, last year I created a page specific to a popular study abroad program at UP (which I took part in as a student, thankyouverymuch!), and even though it only has 800 or so followers, occasionally its reach number exceeds what I get with the nearly 16K-follower UP page. Salzburgers LOVE pictures of Salzburg, and they love sharing them too.

• Something to keep an eye on... Chapman University has just launched a "100 Chappy Days" initiative, as a relative to the #100HappyDays phenomenon that has taken social media by storm. I'll definitely be checking in on it to see how it's going.

• Here's a helpful guide to Instagram's new editing tools by Evan LePage on Social Media Today. I'm sure I'll figure them all out at some point, but for now, I'll just stick with my general strategy of Rise/Valencia or Bust.

My most popular post of the week: Loyola Marymount's incoming student advice pictures.

That's all, folks. Have a lovely weekend and, as always, thank you so much for stopping by the blog.

Since the World Cup started today, I figured it's the perfect time to post the Best. World Cup Song. EVER. And which song might that be? New Order's 1990 Team England anthem World in Motion, of course! Such a jam.

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