Great Social Media Idea: Instagram Video Ad Campaign

Happy Monday, dear readers!

You all are smart people, so I'm not going to preface this with some big long thing about how to successfully advertise (without paying for it!) on social media. People are masters of ignoring ads and you run the risk of seriously annoying people if you do it wrong, so anything that even smacks of an ad needs to be entertaining and provide value in some way - be it with humor, beautiful imagery, strong emotion, wit, etc. It's no easy task, but if you can pull it off, you can do some really neat things.

And this fun series of Instagram video ads from the University of Kansas does some neat things. They are funny and they do a great job promoting summer courses, and as someone who works a lot in video production - it is really tough to make something this short have both a good sense of humor and promote the message you want it to.

I would definitely encourage you to spend some time on Kansas' Instagram page - they do some really great stuff with video that, I think, a lot of us #hesm folks can learn a lot from.

Enjoy, and well done Jayhawks!

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