Great Social Media Idea: #FlaglerFriday

True confession: I have dozens upon dozens of suggestions in my inbox, and I haven't even come close to going through them all. (Hangs head in shame.)

But I did happen to check out a few this evening, and this one jumped out at me - a fun #FlaglerFriday promotion from Flagler College. Doing things like "Orange Friday" or "Purple Friday" or whatever are pretty common for schools, but what really struck me about this is how it combined encouraging people to wear school great with doing a really fun - and wonderfully silly - on-campus experience with spontaneous dance parties and using a sidewalk as a runway. Check it out:

Flagler also will do give-aways for people who participate.. take it away, faithful tipster!

At Flagler College, a small private college in St. Augustine, FL., we have Flagler Friday. We encourage everyone to sport their Flagler clothes... and sometimes, we use sidewalks as a runway. We post pictures on our Facebook page, and the top two vote-getters get free stuff from our college store.

Fun stuff, and a good promotion to get going during the summer if you're looking for things to do social media-wise during the break.

Also, don't be surprised if I up the ante with the fashion photos series that I do... I'm thinking there are a few choice sidewalks on the UP campus that could easily double as catwalks.  :)

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