Great Social Media Idea: Celebrating Superannuated Alumni

With alumni reunions on the horizon for many schools, I thought it might be fun to share this great post from Juniata College, in which they shared some photos of one of their oldest living alumni who recently visited campus.

If you are looking for some fish-in-a-barrel content for the summer and you've got a reunion coming up, definitely seek out the oldest alumni who is attending and snap a few pics with them. Better yet, grab a quick video interview with them and hand them a yearbook or two from their time at the university and let them share some memories.

One of the neat things about doing social media for a university is that people care about this type of stuff. Legacy and history matter to alumni, and seeing a photo like this one posted by Juniata has the power to evoke similar feelings to what you might feel if a good friend of yours posted a photo of their 102-year-old great grandma. You are proud to have a connection with that person, and you are happy to celebrate a life well lived by someone with whom you share something in common.

Well done, Juniata! Sometimes the simplest things are the most successful.

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