Great Social Media Idea: Things to Do Before You Graduate

I know I've featured similar ideas to this one before, but since we're still in graduation season for some colleges, I figured I'd highlight an oldie but an enduring goodie - creating a fun "must do" list for students to complete before they graduate. It's great for the seniors, alumni love looking it over to feel nostalgic, it gives younger students something to look forward to, and it's tailor-made for proud parents (ok, ok... proud moms) to share with their graduating kids.

So when University of Toronto's great example of this popped up in my feed today, I knew I had to share it on the blog.

These are great in and of themselves, but one of the added benefits is that they usually spark some conversation. Alumni love chiming in with their own suggestions for what should be included, which you can clearly see in both the comments on the article itself as well as on Facebook when they shared the link.

Lists like this can take a bit of time and creativity, but they are well worth the payoff if you do it right. I've seen lots of colleges post things similar to this, and they are pretty much always universally popular. This is a tried-and-true social media success for higher ed.

Job well done, University of Toronto!

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