Great Social Media Idea: Tips for "Cleaning Up" Social Profiles

Happy Wednesday, friends! (That Happy Wednesday is given out in honor of my awesome friend Holly Westerfield, the biggest lover of Wednesday I know and to whom I'm very sure I have owed a batch of homemade cookies since in or around 2006.)

As you might have guessed, I am still working through all great ideas that have been sent in to my suggestion box over the past few months.

Today's #hesm idea comes from Alex Wilker of Wright State University, who sent in this fun (and useful!) video encouraging graduating seniors to clean up their social media profiles before heading out into the job market. Check it out:

Here's a note from Alex explaining the project:

Our social media team recently created a fun video before graduation commencements a few weeks ago. Here is our description: With graduation season upon us, Wright State University wants to remind graduating students to sanitize their social media profiles and adequately prepare their social footprint to create the best opportunities for their online networking. Don’t be THAT guy!

As someone who works in marketing, I don't always think about providing actual educational resources to our students (what, it's not like a work at a college or anything like that!), but this is definitely good - and timely - advice to anyone who is about to head out into the "real world." Potential employers are pretty much guaranteed to Google names of applicants at the very least, and it's a little too easy to make snap judgments about people based simply on what they tweet and what pics they post in Instagram. 

Good stuff, Alex and the rest of the Wright State social team! Thanks so much for sharing.

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