Top 10 Social Media Ideas for Orientation

Having a social media plan for orientation is an absolute must: Along with graduation, orientation and move-in is one of the two most important annual social media events in higher ed. 

New freshmen and their parents are extremely excited, returning students are happy to be back and catch up with friends, homework and tests won't come for another week or so, the weather is typically nice... simply put, everyone is in a good mood and about as full of school spirit and positive energy as they're going to be.

Not only that, but orientation provides a huge opportunity to gain new followers from all the new students and their families.

With all that in mind, here are 10 great orientation social media ideas that I have highlighted on this blog over the past year or so. Hope they help inspire and encourage you to do something really great this year!


1. Tagboard - Wake Forest University

Creating an orientation hashtag is one thing. Putting up screens around campus that can show all the tweets and Instagrams using that hashtag takes it to a whole different level, as Wake Forest shows us. Original post.


2. Orientation Road Signs - University of Portland

Use social media to recruit alumni willing to put up a sign along the major highways heading to your campus! A fun and easy way to make your new students feel special and feel the love from your community. Original post.


3. Parental Advice Video - Oberlin College

Lots of colleges make a montage-style video featuring scenes from move-in day, but it can be so much more powerful to capture some of the raw emotions of move-in day, like parents sharing their wisdom with and saying goodbye to their children. Original post.

4. Incoming Class Infographic - Johns Hopkins

Have a brilliant and talented new class coming in? Brag about them in an infographic! Original post.


5. Dorm Decoration Tips - Marist College

Use Pinterest to collect and curate fun dorm decoration ideas for your future students. Original post.


6. Best Class Photo Ever - Carnegie Mellon University

Take advantage of the overflowing school spirit during orientation and take an epic class photo. Original post.

7. Advice for Incoming Students - Loyola Marymount

Have faculty, staff, and alumni write down advice to the incoming class on a white board, and snap a pic. Original post.

8. Instagram Campus Directions - St. Johns University

Help new students find their way around campus with some fun and quick Vines and/or Instagram videos. Original post.


9. Opening Week Instagram Challenge - Texas A&M University

Help freshmen get to know their new home - and give away some fun prizes! - by doing an Instagram photo challenge. Original post.


10. Alumni Advice for Freshman - Washington State and Appalachian State

Tap into your alumni community to provide words of wisdom an insider tips to your new freshmen. Anybody can do this one - it can be as easy as asking a few simple questions on Twitter and Facebook! Original post.

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