Great Social Media Idea: Outtakes Video

OK... break time is over. I'm back!

And, even better, I have finally sifted through my emails and suggestion box and will be posting my favorite submissions over the next few weeks. Apologies for taking so long to make that happen.

First up - this fun blooper reel video from Wheaton College (the one in Illinois!):

Never underestimate the fun and power of behind-the-scenes stuff, especially when it is funny and/or can humanize people in positions of power that can sometimes come across as overly polished or stodgy. An outtake video like this is a great way for a leader to show off some personality and have some fun in a harmless, charming way.

I'll let Lisa Delamarter from Wheaton College take it from here:

Our President, Dr. Philip Ryken, is much loved by Wheaton and willing to do just about anything to support our mission. We asked him recently to learn a greeting in Mandarin for a video to be shown on a recruitment trip in China.

Always up for a challenge, he persevered, and we kept the camera rolling. He graciously allowed us to share this blooper real on social media, and it became one of our top posts for the year. (For another look at his quirky sense of humor, see this video which has been one of our all-time most popular:

The post reached 3,400 people and had 123 likes, 23 comments and 42 shares! It’s had 1,600 views in a week’s time in places as far-flung as Ecuador, Tanzania, Uruguay and Laos.

Good stuff, Lisa and Wheaton!

And remember, if you've got a great example to share, you can use the suggestion box located in the upper-right corner of the blog!

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